50 Years of The Structure of Scientific Revolutions

Historical Studies in the Natural Sciences, Vol. 42, No. 5 (November 2012): 476-580. [link]

Michael Gordin and Erika Lorraine Milam, co-editors 

"To commemorate the golden anniversary of the publication of The Structure of Scientific Revolutions by Thomas Samuel Kuhn (1922–1996), we approached the editorial board of Historical Studies in the Natural Sciences with an idea: to invite authors to produce a variety of essays about it — including personal recollections of reading the text for the first time, war stories of teaching it in the classroom, scholarly rebuttals or engagements with parts of the text, and manifestos on why they absolutely loathed (or loved) the book. The responses are in turn reflective, personal, and quirky. Because they are about Kuhn, because they are short, and because we had to call them something when assembling them into this collection, we dubbed them 'Kuhnlets.'"

               Michael Gordin and Erika Milam, [Introduction] "A Repository for More than Anecdote: Fifty Years of the Structure of Scientific Revolutions," 476-478, quote on 476. [.pdf]



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