I have the pleasure of working with a wonderful community of graduate and undergraduate students. Follow these links to learn more about them and their research.


Current Graduate Students

Mikey McGovern, Just in Numbers? Statistics, Civil Rights, and Criminality in Postwar America, co-advising with Keith Wailoo

Julia Stone, Sweet Deception: A History of the Health Politics of Sugar and Artificial Sweeteners in the United States, co-advising with Keith Wailoo


Former Graduate Students

Elaine Ayers (Ph.D., 2019), Strange Beauty: Botanical Collecting, Preservation, and Display in the Nineteenth-Century Tropics, co-advised with D. Graham Burnett

Emily Kern (Ph.D., 2018), Out of Asia: A Global History of the Scientific Search for the Origins of Humankind, 1800-1965, co-advised with Michael Gordin  

Ingrid Ockert (Ph.D., 2018), The Scientific Storytellers: How Scientists, Journalists, and Actors Brought Science onto American Television, 1948-1980


Undergraduate Senior Theses

Allie Klimkiewicz (2019), “A Double-Edged Thermometer: Mass Media’s Depiction of Climate Change and Global Warming in the United States, 1988-2000”

Rachel Linfield (2019), “A Bundle of Sadness: Medicalization of Postpartum Depression,” recipient: Horace H. Wilson ’25 Senior Thesis Prize in the History of Science, Medicine, and Technology

Samuel Schultz (2019), “Do Androids Dream of Electric Programmers? Popular Imagination and the Rise of Corporate Artificial Intelligence”

Clare Jeong (2018), "Fishing for Justice: Maori Culture and Economic Rights in New Zealand" 

Deion King (2018), "Reinventing Trust Without Authority: Philosophies of Cryptography and Decentralization" 

Andrew O'Connell (2018), "Evolving the Internet: How Entrepreneurs and Innovators Commercialized the World Wide Web"

George Camerlo (2017), "Advancing the Race: Eugenics and Black Intellectual Readership in the Progressive Era"

Alexandria Robinson (2017), "A Sleeping Giant Stirs: Raising a Black Gay Consciousness in Washington, DC 1970-1990" 

Alexandra Gurel (2015), "Conflict and Cooperation: The Rockefeller Foundation's Relationship with Medical and Nursing Schools of São Paulo, 1916-1944," recipient: Horace H. Wilson ’25 Senior Thesis Prize in the History of Science, Medicine, and Technology

Kristen McDonald (2015), "Choices and Constraints: Women in Science in the early Twentieth Century"

Emi Alexander (2014), "The History of Soap: The Slippery Reliance on Chemistry in the Birth of the Modern Soap Making Industry"

Laura Eckhardt (2014), "Science and Culture of Dying: A History of Dr. Dame Cicely Saunders and the Modern Hospice Movement, 1960-1980"

Allen Paltrow-Krulwich (2014), "An Introduction to the Digraphic Format"

Caitlin Blosser (2013), "Maintaining the Status Quo: Racial Inequality in Film During the Civil Rights Era"

Natasha Phidd (2013), "Social Dances: The Eroticization of African-American Identity in the United States, 1920-1940s"