At Princeton I have the pleasure of working with a wonderful community of graduate and undergraduate students. Follow these links to learn more about them and their research.


Graduate Students

Elaine Ayers, Strange Beauty: Botanical Collection and Display in the Victorian Tropics, co-advising with D. Graham Burnett

Emily Kern,  Out of Asia: A Global History of the Scientific Search for the Origins of Humankind, 1800-1965, co-advising with Michael Gordin  

Ingrid Ockert, The Scientific Storytellers: How Scientists, Journalists, and Actors Brought Science onto American Television, 1948-1980


Undergraduate Senior Theses

George Camerlo (2017), "Advancing the Race: Eugenics and Black Intellectual Readership in the Progressive Era"

Alexandria Robinson (2017), "A Sleeping Giant Stirs: Raising a Black Gay Consciousness in Washington, DC 1970-1990" 

Alexandra Gurel (2015), "Conflict and Cooperation: The Rockefeller Foundation's Relationship with Medical and Nursing Schools of São Paulo, 1916-1944"

Kristen McDonald (2015), "Choices and Constraints: Women in Science in the early Twentieth Century"

Emi Alexander (2014), "The History of Soap: The Slippery Reliance on Chemistry in the Birth of the Modern Soap Making Industry"

Laura Eckhardt (2014), "Science and Culture of Dying: A History of Dr. Dame Cicely Saunders and the Modern Hospice Movement, 1960-1980"

Allen Paltrow-Krulwich (2014), "An Introduction to the Digraphic Format"

Natasha Phidd (2013), "Social Dances: The Eroticization of African-American Identity in the United States, 1920-1940s"

Caitlin Blosser (2013), "Maintaining the Status Quo: Racial Inequality in Film During the Civil Rights Era"